They say, you are never too old to set a new goal; all that you need is a dream!

Here’s one bucket that went on to overflow with such dreams and had to become a container!
Dream – Plan –  Experience – Inspire – Repeat

  • Go on a bike ride along the west coast of India; from Rann of Kutch curving Dwarka to Kanyakumari via Mangalore.
  • Go to the turtle walk in Chennai/ Velas.
  • Visit at least one North Eastern state of India.
  • Watch and cheer the buffaloes at one of the Kambalas.
  • Make a trip to the temples of Tamilnadu.
  • Get inked; of course a travel themed tattoo!
  • Inject extra patriotism at Wagah border.
  • See to believe the sunrise and sunset at Rann of Kutch.
  •  Go snorkeling, doesn’t matter where! If in Great Barrier Reef, let it be!
  • Visit the Sacred Groves Of Mawphlang, Meghalaya.
  • Witness the sea retreat over few kilometers at Chandipore beach.
  • Bow to the Ganga aarti at Varanasi!
  • Volunteer in Matrimandir, Pondicherry.



“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure. You have no idea of what is in store for you, but you will, if you are wise and know the art of travel, let yourself go on the stream of the unknown and accept whatever comes in the spirit in which the gods may offer it,” wrote British Arabist Freya Stark in Baghdad Sketches.

As the year 2012 passes off in a whizz, 2013 is all set to greet us and my destiny has chosen me to awaken quiet alone in a far away land. I am surrounded by such wonders that I am spoilt for choice! So here goes my personal list to be fulfilled in this wonderful land!

  1. Get clicked on a Double Decker bus, red phone booth and by the underground sign in London.
  2. Of course, the Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Buckingham and all of London’s hot spots including the Tube ride.
  3. Take a glimpse of the Kohinoor Diamond at the Tower of London.
  4. Witness the change of guard ceremony.
  5. Eat Fish & Chips, Bangers and Mash, Taste Stilton Blue Cheese, Cornish Pasty and English Tea.
  6. Watch a football match in stadium.
  7. Take the aerial view from London Eye.
  8. Walk the Hadrian’s Wall
  9. Drive across the Cheddar Gorge.
  10. Click one of the most recognized icons of England, Stonehenge.
  11. Half a dozen of castles!
  12. Photograph the Welsh coastline that was nominated the ‘best region on Earth’ by Lonely Planet.
  13. Down a pint of Carling beer.
  14. Experience four seasons in a day!
  15. Crossing the street with three other people, Beatles-style, outside of Abbey Road Studios.
  16. Drive at least five best drives across UK.
  17. Visit all four countries in the United Kingdom.
  18. Isle hopping across Isle of Man & Isle of Skye.
  19. Try atleast 5 of the best walks across UK.
  20. Witness a cultural event in its most traditional way.
  21. Visit a Scottish whiskey distillery.
  22. Do the Ceilidh Dance.
  23. Watch a theatre play in London.
  24. Walk across the White Cliffs of Southern Coast.
  25. Get invited to a typical English wedding.


  1. Learn to play keyboard
  2. Learn at least few salsa steps.
  3. Drive a vintage car!
  4. Pop eyes out seeing Sachin Tendulkar in Person!
  5. Turn red in the La Tomatina.
  6. Learn Spanish, for all the romance this wonderful language has in it.
  7. Go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere!
  8. Watch the northern lights, Aurora Borealis!
  9. Visit at least one country in all seven continents!
  10. Go to Spain! Go to Spain! Go to Spain!
  11. Drive/ Ride along the highest motorable road in the world, Khardung-La.
  12. Spend a night in an Igloo/ in a haunted place and live to tell about it!



“You can’t hit a target you cannot see, and you cannot see a target you do not have” – Zig Ziglar

So here are my targets that I see in my dreams everyday and hope to hit them as soon as possible.

For the year 2012.. here we go!!!

  1. Visit Jog Falls, whatsoever may come!
  2. Touch the Southern tip of India.
  3. Make a trip around Mangalore.
  4. Complete at least 5 treks, preferably Kemmangundi, Kodachadri, Kumaraparvatha, Kannikaaya and Jenukallu.
  5. Visit atleast one new state.
  6. Go Goa, yes again!
  7. Go around at least 10 eateries around and rate them!
  8. Read at least 10 novels.
  9. Buy at least one Canon lens.
  10. Create a list of 100 must watch movie and watch them.
  11. Donate at least once to a worthy organization.
  12. Make few travel minded friends.
  13. Be an early riser.
  14. Create a travel/ photography page/blog.
  15. Witness the snake boat race at Alleppey.
  16. Go on at least one wild life trip.
  17. Watch sunset from Agumbe.
  18. Visit all those ‘wow’ places around home: Manjarabad fort, Bisile, Kannikaaya
  19. Visit the temple towns Belur, Halebidu, Hampi, Melukote, Shravanabelagola.
  20. Pick the best pic of every month and make a calendar.
  21. Learn a foreign language.
  22. White water rafting at Dandeli.

21 thoughts on “THE CONTAINER LIST

  1. Jane says:

    love your list and wish you all the best in completing it with joy and gratitude. I also thank you for “liking” one of my blog posts…and wondering how you found your way to my India Journal Blog ( in the first place? I like this site and will check back now and then to see how you are doing/. Once again, good luck to you and enjoy each moment of your journey. 🙂


    • theburntmap says:

      Hey Jane, thanks for dropping in! I was Blog-surfing as usual and some links led me into your old blog which redirected to ur newer one! I was particularly looking for blogs on travel in India as I am planning for a big move this year and soon noticed your link ‘India 2009-2011’ 🙂
      Thanks for the wishes! See ya around! 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    enjoy enjoy enjoy!! To my great dismay I am NOT in India this year as you can see from my blog, and can honestly say I am jealous …I have two other blogs on India going back to 2001 with alot more travel stories, but you seem to have your journey well mapped out (although this usually changes in India…and always for the best from my experience. You are welcome to check out my other blogs as well. (2006-2008) (2001-2004)

    happy travels

  3. Jayashankar.P.S says:

    ur wishlist is just brilliant man !!! when i see ur blog even i have got a hunger to go around places….all the pics in ur blog r just awesome… all the best to fulfill ur wishlist… 🙂

  4. jessicajhill says:

    I love, “Go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere.” I’ve always wanted to do that too! Love your blog and the humor in it. Thanks for following mine! I’m coming to India in January…

    • Trippin' On Life says:

      Thanks a lot, Jessica 🙂 yea, someday I hope to take that random flight!
      and by the way, welcome to the Trippin’ and to the Incredible India 🙂 should u need any information feel free to ask me! 🙂
      Bon Voyage!

  5. Vivek says:

    hi there, i stumbled upon your site while searching for some offbeat paths for a monsoon crazy trip involving doodhsagar and goa 😉 found ur route map very useful and decided to checkout the webpage. must say I am deeply impressed, especially by the bucket, ahem container list. I recall I had a few such things last year, but sort of stopped tracking em so passionately, and I instead did things before putting em into the bucket list 😀 time to get back on track.. u got a new follower 😀

    i might get in touch with you for insider tips for trips in case we hit a wall, hope u can lend a few 😉

    • Trippin' On Life says:

      Hi Vivek, thanks a lot for coming over and those nice words! 🙂
      its nice to keep a track of the crazy stuff you do over the year, isnt it? I believe the bucket,err container list inspires me a lot 🙂
      thanks for following my blog and of course, I am always up for spoiling people, luring them to go on much more trips 😉 😀
      any info you need, feel free to give a shout! Happy Trippin’ 🙂

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